Why We Created “The Plebeian Council” NFT Series 🤩

Yesterday, the launch of our second NFT series went live. “The Plebeian Council” is a series of 4,500 generative Roman-themed NFT series, on the BNB Chain. Unlike its sister series, “The Founding Soldiers”, the “Plebs” introduce new ways for the vEmpire community to earn from within the vEmpire ecosystem.

What makes our Plebs unique is that they enable their holders to earn PASSIVE INCOME via our brand new NFT staking mechanics. Each Pleb holder that stakes their NFT on our applications will be entitled to a share of twenty-five percent of the total game fees generated from “vEmpire: The Beginning”!

Round one of the Plebs minting process has now closed and as we approach the second, and potentially third, round we wanted to take the time to explain WHY we created the Plebs in the first place.

So let’s waste no time and dive straight in.

One of our most important goals is to lower the barrier to entry for investment in the Metaverse. We already offer staking pools, P2E games and a DDAO, but something that we lacked was the ability to enable our investors to directly financially benefit from our NFTs.

Thanks to our new NFT staking mechanic, which is coming very, very soon, new possibilities for financial incentivisation have become possible!

When an investor buys and stakes a Pleb NFT, they will receive financial rewards paid in VEMP. The investor is then incentivized to re-stake their VEMP to compound their rewards and receive fractional exposure to some of the Metaverse’s most lucrative and promising investment opportunities!

Offering the Pleb NFTs at such a low price point will enable us to provide investors with easy access to passive income that they can then put towards gaining exposure to fractionalized Metaverse assets that are typically out of reach for the average investor, like the Bored Ape Yacht Club for example.

Previously, investors would have to purchase VEMP and then stake their VEMP into the DDAO to gain exposure to our investments. However, with our Pleb NFTs, investors who do not have such a rich amount of capital can earn passive income that can then be compounded and put towards fractional ownership of Metaverse assets immediately!

This is significant because it means that even those who do not have the resources to acquire vast amounts of VEMP in the first place can now do so passively, without the need of undertaking any additional tasks. All an investor needs to do is stake their Pleb NFT on our app, receive their rewards and re-stake their rewards in our DDAO!

It’s that simple.

For the smaller investor, this is MASSIVE. Instead of worrying about which Metaverse assets to invest in or worrying about not being able to purchase significant amounts of VEMP, they can buy a Pleb NFT, stake it and earn VEMP passively.

By having a money making machine working for them in the background, they can focus on generating more capital that they can then put towards other investments instead of constantly cycling between earn > invest > earn > invest…

As previously stated, the first round of our mint has just finished. However that does not mean that investors cannot still get involved. The vEmpire community can earn whitelist spots for round two by taking part in our “Whitelist Competition”.

Entry for this can be found here: https://gleam.io/AVja5/the-plebeian-council-nft-whitelist-competition

The promotion ends on the 6th of April and the second round of our Plebeian Council mint will begin on April the 7th at 13:00 PM UTC.

Make sure that you don’t miss your chance of getting hold of an NFT that provides passive income and an opportunity to build exposure to the Metaverse’s most lucrative and promising investment opportunities.

You can find out more info on the Plebs, as well as mint one for yourself, here: https://gleam.io/AVja5/the-plebeian-council-nft-whitelist-competition

Initial announcement on “The Plebeian Council” here: https://medium.com/@v-empire.digital/vempire-is-pleased-to-announce-our-second-nft-drop-with-native-staking-capabilities-7658aa7941

Minting guide here: https://medium.com/@v-empire.digital/the-plebein-council-minting-bible-366e42fd502f

The vEmpire Team ❤️



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