Why vEmpire DDAO, and what we are building, is bigger than anybody’s comprehension

An attempt to put my brain on paper — By Romulus

“Come with me and you’ll be, In a world of pure imagination” — Gene Wilder

How do you write a document outlining five reasons why you should be an owner of vEmpire’s VEMP token, without soliciting people to purchase that token? Well my view and multiple lawyers’ views are that VEMP is a utility token. This means that it provides a function on vEmpire DDAOs protocol and platform. So let’s frame it in the correct way.

Why do I believe the utility of vEmpire’s VEMP token has not yet been discovered by the market?

  1. No like for like competition

There is not a single protocol in existence that is doing what vEmpire is doing. We are facilitating the staking of Metaverse tokens, and Ethereum, to build giant war chests of assets which will increase in scarcity, rarity, and you would expect, value. Our singular Metaverse token staking pools allow users access to LANDs outside of their affordability range, whilst the Ethereum strategy is purchasing assets in early stage vetted Metaverse and play to earn projects that have the potential to be the next generations of Axie Infinity or The Sandbox.

The assets we are buying the average investor either couldn’t afford, or could only afford a few of, let alone monetise and profit from them all.

2. Deflation & xVEMP ownership granting access to Metaverse Pools

As existing stakers in our strategies will know, the tokens are locked for the first 6–12 months. This is because the strategies need to build and monetise portfolios of illiquid assets like NFTs & LAND which are ERC 1155 or 721 tokens, rather than traditional ERC 20 tokens. As the priority has been, and is currently to build the portfolio, there has been no requirements for ownership of VEMP or of xVEMP in order to take advantage of the great yields in the strategies.

Once the strategies are mature and we are ready to add liquidity we will implement xVEMP ownership requirements for access to deposits and withdrawals from the strategies. This will further increase the utility of the token as more holders will need to stake their tokens into the DDAO, thus taking those out of circulation. Metaverse token stakers will have had to hold a 25% quantity of xVEMP against their Metaverse tokens for a month before they can withdraw their Metaverse tokens without penalty. Users can pay a 12.5% fee in VEMP against their assets to gain immediate access without having to have held xVEMP for a month. All and any VEMP used to pay this 12.5% fee will be burnt, this again incentivises staking, whilst implementing a deflationary feature.

The above mechanics have been implemented but in an alternate fashion. Please check the medium article here for more information on migrating and unstaking: https://medium.com/@v-empire-digital/migrating-and-unstaking-from-metaverse-pools-f7ea44587009

3. Staking & profits from across the Metaverse

32 Million of the 96.25M VEMP launched at IEO & ILO is already in our DDAO. This does not just allow for governance votes for the community but staking VEMP for xVEMP allows you to be gifted profits from assets in SAND, MANA, STARL & AXS Metaverses, alongside the multiple smaller earlier stage projects in our Ethereum strategy like Treeverse, Influenceth.io & passive income NFTs like SpacePunks. Even the NFTs without current utility have development teams who can, and will, most likely add additional features in order to keep attention on their projects, and vEmpire is aiming to have exposure to these future developments early.

4. We are not limited by being stuck in our own Metaverse, we are flexible

Many people do not realise how rare it is for a crypto protocol, especially in the gaming and NFT space, to not be “Boxed In” and restricted by our own Metaverse. This allows vEmpire to be dynamic, fluid & flexible. We will have cross chain functionality by the end of the year so not even chains will limit us. vEmpire will go wherever the trend goes and wherever the hottest metaverse tokens come from. We will be ready to facilitate staking of the next generation, wherever it comes from and whatever chain it comes from.

5. Play to earn, gaming & bringing projects into the Metaverse

VEMP is called vEmpire Gamer Token for a reason, and vEmpire’s first game is aptly named “The Beginning”. Our play to earn & gamification only starts with our current trading card game. We have already been contacted by and are working with tokens, with bigger marketcaps than us, to implement their own steps into the Metaverse utilising vEmpire’s expertise with profits as always set to be redistributed to stakers and the DDAO.

We will be bringing more games within our Metaverse lands, more chances to win & making heroes out of our users who are successful within our protocols. The scores of our greatest players will be ranked in every Metaverse with the tallies all contributing to a leaderboard of massive scale, we will make our greatest players known throughout both the crypto and gaming worlds.




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