What is Aavegotchi and why is vEmpire interested in it?

What is Aavegotchi?

Aavegotchi is a blockchain-based and DeFi powered crypto collectibles game that enables players to stake non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with interest generating tokens and interact with the Aavegotchi metaverse. It’s governed by AavegotchiDAO, which manages all funds generated through the GHST (Aavegotchi’s native token) distribution.

Aavegotchi is a unique, but perfect, combination of DeFi and NFTs which helps expand the emerging sub-industry of GameFi — a new interactive way to earn while playing blockchain-based games.

Aavegotchis are pixelated ghosts that are hosted on the Polygon network and represented as NFT tokens.

An Aavegotchi’s true value is determined by their rarity level, which is calculated by multiple factors such as base traits, amount of staked tokens and equipped wearables. An Aavegotchi’s rarity level can also be boosted by levelling up. In order to do this, players must participate in various activities including mini-games, governance and meet-ups.

Not only do rare Aavegotchis have a higher secondary market value, but they also enable players to perform better in rarity farming, which is a mini-game that rewards the rarest Aavegotchis with GHST tokens.

By owning “Realms”, which are the native form of real estate in the Aavegotchi metaverse, players can mine resources that are also backed by cryptocurrency tokens, as well as build communities.

Players are encouraged to play together to help boost their financial rewards of playing the game.

Why is vEmpire interested in Aavegotchi?

vEmpire is interested in Aavegotchi because it combines a unique and effective DeFi economy with the immersive charm of collecting NFT pets. Users can collect Aavegotchi’s, customise them and play mini-games to earn financial rewards in ways similar to Axie Infinity.

By owning Aavegotchis and Realms, vEmpire will be able to farm resources and earn rewards from mini-games that’ll help us increase the size and scope of our activity within the Aavegotchi metaverse.

How does this benefit vEmpire?

By developing our virtual real estate in the Aavegotchi metaverse, we can build a base for our community where our followers can come together to help mine resources and go on adventures as teams, earning more rewards while doing so.

On top of this, once we’ve successfully bridged over to Polygon, we are aiming to set up a strategy where users can stake GHST so they can earn a yield on the rewards from our activity within the Aavegotchi metaverse.

What makes Aavegotchi unique & how do we intend on monetising our Aavegotchis?

Although they’re very similar, rather than following a scholarship program like Axie Infinity, Aavegotchi enables players to rent their Aavegotchis out for a period of time, with the possibility of agreeing a revenue split with the renter. We intend on making use of this feature so that we can give players the opportunity to play with our Aavegotchis for a much smaller cost than buying a rare and valuable one themselves. The profits from renting and the revenue split will then be redistributed back to the GHST strategy stakers.

To stay up to date, join our official #gotchigang Discord server where we will share our latest news and updates as well as additional information about vEmpire’s Aavegotchi strategy.

Please note that the Discord server will be our main hub for our Aavegotchi rentals and “scholarship” programs, so if you’re interested in playing-to-earn make sure that you join by clicking the link below. 👇





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The front line in the fight against centralisation

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