Weekly Roundup, 23 September 2022

vEmpire is working hard to make sure we are creating the utmost value for our community every day. We plan to continue the growth we have seen in previous market cycles so we can rise to be the top metaverse-based protocol, through consistent delivery, hiring great talent, improving our DDAO structure and staying true to our roots we will make sure the metaverse is and stays decentralised. It’s cliche to say, but we’re focused on building. Especially during the current market conditions.

Business Development

  • Our team has returned after a successful week at Berlin, full of events and fruitful connections for the vEmpire project to collaborate with and grow!
  • A few of our team members attended the recent Zebu London conference where we listened to some popular and impactful speakers on regulation in crypto
  • Our Sandbox experience is still live and receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback, it is great to see our community enjoying our experience and even competing with each other for the fastest possible run-through
  • We have just finished our Sandbox $5,000 competition which also had a huge turnout with over 1000 RTs. Congratulations to all the winners!
  • vEmpire Ventures are continuing the process of going through potential venture opportunities to find the most promising projects — some of which will be announced soon. Stay tuned.
  • Jack our Venture lead and Liam our Marketing Coordinator will now be hosting bi-weekly venture spaces, which is a podcast-type series where they will feature new and established projects to give the audience an insight into upcoming developments and how the project works. Check out our Twitter for the link and time of these!
  • We recently announced that we will be hosting a metaverse party in The Sandbox on the 29th of September at 5pm UTC, join in and listen to our LIVE DJ, popular crypto guests and enter our many competitions and activities!

Project Development

  • Our BUSD pool is now live after our recent DDAO proposal passed, please unstake your USDC and restake with BUSD so you can continue your returns!
  • The Sandbox Alpha experience is still live for another month, drop in and complete the quests!
  • Our SAND Rewards are still triple, if you are holding SAND, stake it for even better yield than normal!
  • We also have our Sandbox NFT collection currently available, our most rare item, the ‘vEmpire Golden Sword’ has already sold out, don’t miss the others!
  • Our weekly Chinese newsletter is still being released to keep our Mandarin audience upto date with all the important news in crypto
  • Similarly, we have also been releasing a daily 7-Tweet thread on Twitter which summarises the news and research we have done in a quick and accessible way. Follow us on Twitter for the updates
  • We have some big guests lined up for The Bald CEO Show so make sure you are subscribed to our Youtube!


  • Our new website is on its very last finishing touches, expect an announcement very soon from the vEmpire Twitter so you can be the first to see all of our new updates to our website!
  • Our new staking website is also still in development, but I guarantee it will be worth the wait!
  • We have made a new vEmpire Sticker pack in Telegram, hop in and see all of our new stickers! Hint, the most active community members also get vEmpire based stickers of themselves, join now!
  • We are working on some big cross-community collaborations for the future!
  • As you can see recently, the marketing team is unloading massive announcements all the time for the vEmpire DDAO community, to keep upto date with our developments, follow our social media.
  • Our new professional video editor is creating amazing memes and trailers, vEmpire meme page soon??
  • What are some projects you would like vEmpire to collab with? Let us know…


  • Our most recent passed proposal went through with 100% approval, this was to change our USDC pool to a BUSD pool amidst the recent events with USDC — our DDAO is big brain, join if you are too.
  • Our newest proposal is the decision to implement a burning mechanism for $VEMP! This would make the token even more deflationary! This is ofcourse a complex topic, therefore we are hosting a Twitter Spaces on Tuesday at 2:30 UTC where we will explain the proposal and you can ask any questions.
  • We have recently created a vEmpire Gaming Guilds Twitter to organise and produce content around our guild side, Follow at @vEmpireGG
  • Our discord and telegram are filled with friendly and knowledgeable people to help you better understand vEmpire, join and become a part of our community!
  • We are aiming to make our community the strongest in crypto, that means we are going to start providing you with power and responsibility through our new DDAO structure. With this comes incentives, but more importantly, conviction, you will be a part of vEmpire and have impacting power on our decisions. Stay tuned on our socials for more updates on this.
  • In the future, our community is going to have access to incredible benefits like exclusive access to activities and airdrops, opportunities to contribute to the vEmpire project, be included in collaborations with different projects and have the chance to win prizes in tournaments. We try to deliver the utmost value to our community so that we can create a loyal and engaged following, as we grow, the rewards and size of the community will also, get established early to solidify your role within our amazing team.

vEmpire DDAO Socials:

Linktree: https://t.co/ivKTzVYOQj

Telegram: https://t.co/phc2WQz8kF

Twitter: https://twitter.com/vEmpireDDAO

Team Socials:

Liam: https://twitter.com/oat_es

Dom: https://twitter.com/dominicVEMP

Mike: https://twitter.com/Remus_vEmpire

Estefano: https://twitter.com/estefanoVEMP

Harvey: https://twitter.com/HarveyWoods

Petar: https://twitter.com/PiGamification

Jack: https://twitter.com/jackdolbs



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