Weekly Roundup, 15 September 2022

vEmpire is working hard to make sure we are creating the utmost value for our community every day. We plan to continue the growth we have seen in previous market cycles so we can rise to be the top metaverse-based protocol, through consistent delivery, hiring great talent, improving our DDAO structure and staying true to our roots we will make sure the metaverse is and stays decentralised. It’s cliche to say, but we’re focused on building. Especially during the current market conditions.

Business Development

  • Our two team members are still in Berlin at dappcon, so please say hi if you attend!
  • Our many announcements from the past few weeks may have been hard to track, therefore we have made all of the announcements available in our Telegram channel, users can quickly update themselves with all of our announcements so they don’t miss a detail!
  • We are currently funneling through numerous collaborations with different popular crypto projects and web2 brands to increase vEmpire’s reach
  • Our The Sandbox experience is now LIVE, people can now enter and complete the quests for a special surprise
  • vEmpire Ventures is continuing to look and onboard new projects into our portfolio, WARP Game, one of our most recent ventures is extremely promising for the GameFi space!
  • Our latest podcast featured some of the industries leading opinion leaders, the Crypto Kings. Check it out for some news on VEMP, CULT and other projects!
  • Our asset report, Sandbox Alpha, Sandbox Competition and BUSD pool are all currently available, head over to our Twitter for more information.

Project Development

  • Our DDAO proposal to close our $USDC pool and open a $BUSD pool has passed with 100% approval, and it is now live for use! Go to app.v-empire.io to stake your stablecoins.
  • We have recently opened our Sandbox Alpha for S3 and the feedback we have received is amazing, we are currently one of the top experiences out of the entire alpha!
  • On that note, we also have opened a $5,000 competition to anyone that completes the quests on our alpha, click here for the details!
  • We are hosting a metaverse party inside The Sandbox on the 29th of September, featuring DJ Luke Franks, the vEmpire team, talks from Crypto experts, activities, competitions and exclusives for attendees! Don’t miss out!
  • Our Triple SAND rewards on our staking platform is still going, stake your SAND for some extra yield!
  • We have launched our Sandbox NFT collection, including different cosmetic items that may be available in our experience, we have different rarities listed with the most rare ‘vEmpire Golden Sword’ already sold out!
  • We are still continuing to produce a weekly Chinese newsletter for our Mandarin audience, make sure you keep up to date with all crypto news!
  • This week’s #TBCS episode was one of our biggest yet, featuring Jake Gagain, B-Roots and Ian Heinisch!


  • Our new website are on its very last finishing touches, expect an announcement very soon from the vEmpire Twitter so you can be the first to see all of our new updates to our website!
  • Our new staking website is also almost finished, this will improve your staking experience by 100x and make staking with vEmpire seamless.
  • We have made a new vEmpire Sticker pack in Telegram, hop in and see all of our new stickers! Hint, the most active community members also get vEmpire based stickers of themselves, join now!
  • Our daily newsletter thread is proving to be a success, the ease of access and skimability has allowed our audience to pick up on news quickly and effectively.
  • The marketing team is continuing to funnel through our cross-community collaborations to find the most impactful projects that we can introduce our audience to
  • As you have seen we are ensuring we have constant exciting announcements for our followers, discord and telegram members, our socials have been very active with reminders and announcements so please follow!
  • Check out our podcasts on Spotify — The Bald CEO Show so you can listen while you’re driving or at the gym!
  • We are making very high level connections with very popular projects at each event we attend, expect BIG things in the future for vEmpire
  • The project recently recruited a specialized video editor that will produce the highest quality video content such as trailers, memes and podcast clips so you don’t miss the most important parts


  • On our DDAO side we have been able to cultivate a community of like-minded individuals that want similar things for vEmpire, evidenced by our most recent DDAO proposal passing with 100% approval.
  • Our DDAO side is also expanding our gaming guild into games like BigTime, World of DeFish and other blockchain based games, join our Discord and ask the team to find out how you can join!
  • We want to know from our community — who would you like to see on TBCS, tag your favorite founders, Twitter folk, or even members of our team to come on for a live chat and answer any questions.
  • We are still running our LAND giveaway for our community, enter fast, it ends today!
  • Our discord and telegram are filled with friendly and knowledgeable people to help you better understand vEmpire, join and become a part of our community!
  • We are aiming to make our community the strongest in crypto, that means we are going to start providing you with power and responsibility through our new DDAO structure. With this comes incentives, but more importantly, conviction, you will be a part of vEmpire and have impacting power on our decisions. Stay tuned on our socials for more updates on this.
  • In the future, our community is going to have access to incredible benefits like exclusive access to activities and airdrops, opportunities to contribute to the vEmpire project, be included in collaborations with different projects and have the chance to win prizes in tournaments. We try to deliver the utmost value to our community so that we can create a loyal and engaged following, as we grow, the rewards and size of the community will also, get established early to solidify your role within our amazing team.

vEmpire DDAO Socials:

Linktree: https://t.co/ivKTzVYOQj

Telegram: https://t.co/phc2WQz8kF

Twitter: https://twitter.com/vEmpireDDAO

Team Socials:

Liam: https://twitter.com/oat_es
Dom: https://twitter.com/dominicVEMP
Mike: https://twitter.com/Remus_vEmpire
Estefano: https://twitter.com/estefanoVEMP
Harvey: https://twitter.com/HarveyWoods
Petar: https://twitter.com/PiGamification
Jack: https://twitter.com/jackdolbs



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