Weekly Roundup, 11 November 2022

Business Development

  • The team has returned from their trip to Lisbon for Solana Hacker House and Breakpoint! We met some very interesting people and gave out a lot of merch, airdrops, and POAPs!
  • This week we are featuring Solana Foundation on our Venture Spaces, we will be talking about FTX, SBF, NFT royalties, GameFi, the future of Solana, and much more, don't miss this alpha-packed spaces!
  • Our Sandbox experience has now finished after a month of running, we hope you got to jump in and complete all the quests as our feedback on the experience was amazing!
  • We are in the process of working on HUGE partnerships with massive web2 brands and people, stay tuned on our social media to be the first to hear… This will change the game.

Project Development

  • Our BUSD pool is live, allowing you to stake your stablecoins for consistent APR during this bear market.
  • We have also just published a thread and medium on ‘How we get our APRs’, it details how we manage to provide sustainable and consistent yields in comparison to other staking platforms
  • We released our brand new website, go and check out our new APR calculator, staking pages, and newsletter section!
  • Our last TBCS episode with DoinGud was a great one, we discussed how they plan to build the perfect DAO with sub-DAOs all working towards social good!
  • We have announced our NEW metaverse party in Decentraland, this will feature the CryptoKings, the vEmpire team, a professional live DJ, competitions, and prizes for the attendees, don’t miss it!
  • Sign up: lu.ma/MetaverseParty
  • You can now buy VEMP with Apple Pay using the StrikeX app, this makes it so much easier to buy VEMP in seconds!


  • Make sure to tune in on Monday to hear Jack and Liam from the vEmpire team talk to Matt, the tech and product lead from Solana Foundation about ALL of the recent controversies and news that’s been going on in the Solana space!
  • Our CEO, Dom, has been appearing every Thursday on the Crypto Kings podcast alongside Jake, B-Roots, and Ian! Catch their ape of the day, macro outlook, and hidden gems on Jake’s Youtube.
  • Make sure to jump into the Decentraland party on the 18th at 5 pm UTC for some HUGE alpha and prizes, head over to Twitter (our pinned Tweet) for more information.
  • Next week’s TBCS episode will feature Wistaverse, a project that is working on protests in the metaverse! A very interesting project to say the least, tune in!


  • Our latest DDAO proposal to implement a buy-back and burn mechanism into the reward functions of our staking platform has passed! We are now working on the implementation which will add more deflationary mechanics to the VEMP token! Find more information here: https://go.v-empire.io/3M8G9LF
  • We have recently created a vEmpire Gaming Guilds Twitter to organize and produce content around our guild side, Follow at @vEmpireGG
  • Our discord and telegram are filled with friendly and knowledgeable people to help you better understand vEmpire, join and become a part of our community!
  • We aim to make our community the strongest in crypto, which means we will start providing you with power and responsibility through our new DDAO structure. With this comes incentives, but more importantly, conviction, you will be a part of vEmpire and have impacting power on our decisions. Stay tuned on our socials for more updates on this.
  • In the future, our community is going to have access to incredible benefits like exclusive access to activities and airdrops, opportunities to contribute to the vEmpire project, be included in collaborations with different projects and the chance to win prizes in tournaments. We try to deliver the utmost value to our community so that we can create a loyal and engaged following, as we grow, the rewards and size of the community will also, get established early to solidify your role within our amazing team.

vEmpire DDAO Socials:

Linktree: https://t.co/ivKTzVYOQj

Team Socials:

Liam: https://twitter.com/oat_es



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