vEmpire’s 2021 In Summary 🎉

An incredible first year!

The cryptocurrency industry as a whole experienced a tremendous amount of growth this year. We’ve witnessed the emergence of entirely new sub-sectors like GameFi and we’ve even seen certain applications of cryptocurrencies, like NFTs for example, receive attention like never before.

The unfolding of the Metaverse as a serious technology for the future prospects of human interaction, socialisation and transaction was definitely one of the most significant trends this year and as a result we saw giant web2 conglomerates attempt to rebrand so they can jump on the bandwagon in an attempt to survive the next evolution of the internet.

But for some projects, the hype surrounding the Metaverse was purely a helpful boost for their initial intentions rather than an opportunity to cling on to survival.

In June of this year, vEmpire was founded. We started with the vision of becoming the “one-stop shop” of the Metaverse. Our goal was to lower the barrier to entry for investment in decentralized technologies, primarily the Metaverse, in an attempt to ensure that web3 remains decentralized and in the community’s control.

We always anticipated that we’d witness a great amount of popularity as we share the same morals and values as most crypto natives, but what we didn’t expect was the sheer amount of support that we received throughout the entire industry.

On the 31st of August we held our Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) and ended up selling out in under six minutes.

On the 24th of September over ten percent of our circulating supply was staked by our community on our staking platform in under 24 hours after its launch.

And on the 2nd of November over fifty percent of our tokens from our ILO were staked in the DDAO.

vEmpire has quickly become one of the most popular and promising Metaverse projects in the entire cryptocurrency industry and that wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our community.

From the very beginning, serving the community was one of our most important goals. By lowering the barrier to entry for investment not only would we be helping individual investors, but we would also be helping the wider community by offering a means for mass decentralized governance of Metaverse and other web3 protocols. This would naturally ensure that the power remains in the hands of the people and not the self-serving centralized entities they are attempting to obtain control of these disruptive innovations.

Since then, we’ve had the equivalent of over $55 Million staked on our platform and we’ve gone from an idea to the largest decentralized Metaverse and GameFi investment organization.

Going forward we will continue to do everything in our power to lower the barrier to entry for Metaversal investment and improve decentralized governance of Metaverse protocols.

We have plans to introduce new Metaverse tokens to our staking platform, across a range of different blockchain networks, and introduce and incubate other play-to-earn GameFi projects.

But our commitment to the Metaverse does not end with purely investment operations alone. We will also begin hosting both public events and private functions in some of the largest Metaverses to help contribute to overall adoption in both the social and corporate world.

The vEmpire gaming community can also expect a complete play-to-earn version of “The Beginning” soon and our second P2E game, a third person Hack ‘n Slash on The Sandbox, later on in the year.

As first years go, this was definitely a success for vEmpire. We’re super humbled and grateful for the support that we’ve received and we cannot wait to continue building the true gateway to the Metaverse.

Below you will find a roadmap detailing significant milestones since our inception and a roadmap that outlines what is still yet to come.

Thank you,

The vEmpire Team ❤️

vEmpire’s 2021 Milestones
Upcoming Roadmap


About vEmpire

vEmpire DDAO is the largest decentralized Metaverse investment organization. We’re the first protocol to enable Metaverse token staking in exchange for dual yield interest, paying yields in both VEMP and the original token staked. Alongside this, we’re also the largest decentralized virtual real estate owner currently operating in this industry.

vEmpire was started to protect decentralized technologies, like the Metaverse, from being taken over by centralized entities while also lowering the barrier to entry to make investment easier, fairer and more equitable for the community. This will ensure that investment in web3 technologies like the Metaverse is not reserved purely for the wealthy. To date, our users have contributed to staking over $55 Million worth of Metaverse tokens on our platform which has enabled them to earn very lucrative yields and helped contribute to huge decentralized community investment across the Metaverse.

vEmpire is the first protocol of its kind and its revolutionary impact of lowering the barrier to entry for investment in the Metaverse has helped unlock pools of capital that would otherwise not be available. vEmpire has a trifecta effect, helping investors access investment opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach, helping spur growth and adoption in the Metaverse and helping keep it decentralized and in the community’s control.

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