vEmpire Weekly Roundup, 15th July 2022

vEmpire is working hard to make sure we are creating the utmost value for our community during this bear market so that when times are better, we can rise to one of the top metaverse-based protocols. We also have some big announcements in the works that are scheduled to be released soon, featuring the biggest metaverse projects in the space, so stay tuned for updates on our social media!

Business Development

  • Working with other projects for cross-community marketing and partnerships.
  • Continuing to invest in new upcoming metaverse titans.
  • Producing high-quality video content in new social avenues.
  • Encouraging the full core team to bring more value to their personal brand through networking and increasing their social reach.
  • Finishing data collection for quarterly report, target for release is this month.

Project Development

  • USDC staking pool release.
  • Solana bridge is getting finishing touches.
  • Finished the design of our new website — building has started.
  • Currently redesigning the UI for our staking platform.
  • Reaching the end of our community tournament, we have seen amazing growth from other audiences joining our community!
  • Team is back from ETH BCN — Created useful relationships with other projects.
  • Big announcement in the pipeline that is ready for release with an industry giant.


  • Continuing to work with other communities for cross-community marketing initiatives.
  • The team is expanding their social reach on various platforms to put faces behind the vEmpire brand.
  • Working with marketing professionals to create high-quality content at a high volume.
  • Informative daily newsletters to help new crypto people familiarise themselves with the space.
  • Working with the video team to produce educational and interesting video content.
  • Write educational articles around the possible risks of staking, wallet connections, tokenomics etc.
  • Game stream today with 2 of our core team members, Harvey and Mike, where they will be telling you exactly how to play our P2E game, how to strategize, what the cards do/mean and much more.


  • Reaching the end of our community tournament — the most active members will be rewarded after completion.
  • Our P2E game is continuing to grow, watch our stream or try our F2P version if you would like to try it out.
  • Moving to Discord for the voting process worked as planned, there was no exploitation and we also received active community members that stuck around.
  • We want to maintain our objectives of collaborating with different communities to widen our reach as it can help us grow.
  • Our DDAO Lead, Petar, has seen extreme growth in Discord activity so we would like to extend a thank you for that. We love seeing new people enter our chats and make friends and create experiences. ­
  • We’re currently planning on giving you, the community, more ownership and accountability for the protocol. We will be implementing on-chain roles and responsibilities so that the community decides the direction of our protocol.



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