vEmpire announces NFT treasure hunt — “The Emperor’s Parchments”

vEmpire has introduced a NFT collectibles game and treasure hunt ‘The Emperor’s Parchments’.

Each of our project’s first edition NFTs contain clues in the form of letters and numbers that spell out a puzzle leading to certain cryptocurrency influencers. Participants are required to solve this puzzle and tweet the gatekeeper influencers to unlock the final hidden clues to win the prize. The winner of the treasure hunt will be awarded with 1% of the total VEMP (vEmpire’s native token) supply.

The treasure hunt’s total prize could potentially amass to over $5 million if the VEMP market capitalization reaches at least half the size of Decentraland’s MANA token. The treasure hunt is expected to take multiple years to complete.

The Emperor’s Parchment’s quest is designed to reward the individuals who follow, support and interact with vEmpire on a user level, rather than just being another token owner looking for profit. The beauty of this quest is that, in theory, the larger vEmpire’s and the quest’s following gets, the larger the end prize will be as it is a percentage of tokens and not a fixed monetary amount.

Visit to learn more about vEmpire’s Founding Soldiers NFT series and get yours while they are still available. The Emperor’s Parchments quest is one of the largest and most immersive treasure hunts in the metaverse and NFT space. If they sell out then don’t worry, vEmpire’s token launch is on 31st August at 20:00PMvBST.

To see how the quest is going and the clues unlocked so far follow this link here!



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