USDC Staking

We have recently opened a new USDC pool on the Binance Smart Chain network that allows you to earn passive income on your stable coins.

When the market is going down it is optimal to hedge your capital. Investors tend to hedge in stablecoins to wait until they find the right time to buy, there is no better hedge than to be passively earning yield on your stablecoins while this bear market continues.

As an added benefit, your rewards are paid in VEMP and if you stake your VEMP it’ll give you exposure to metaverse assets like The Sandbox land, Decentraland land parcels as well and much more.

There is also an option for investors to make Dual-Yield which means staking VEMP rewards in our DDAO for additional income. vEmpire earn revenue on their assets by building our land into monetizable developments which players can use or rent. The profit made from this process is then distributed to our DDAO making that the best position to earn the most optimal rewards.

BSC USDC Pool Contract Address: 0x6E101F9C9A4d33F6f14c77aB71ff6Fc44FaA7536

Audit Certification:

How we manage the USDC pool

When you stake USDC with us we then use the funds to trade various tokens without exceeding 5x leverage. Our team has vast experience in traditional finance, stock broking and professional-level trading.

We split the profits generated by this strategy by giving 80% back to the USDC Stakers and 10–20% to the DDAO.

Our DDAO is continuously rewarded in all of our staking strategies.

Guide on how to stake your USDC

Before beginning this process you should make sure that you have the USDC you want to stake in your preferred web3 wallet and a small amount of BNB for the transaction cost. You can get these assets by going on any exchange such as Binance, FTX or Coinbase, buying USDC and BNB then sending it to your web3 wallet address.

1. Step 1 is simple: open your device, open Google, Brave or any other type of browser you use that is also compatible with your web3 wallet.

2. Once you have your browser ready, click this link:

3. When you click on our website, you will be met with 3 options, Staking Platform, Play Game or The Plebeian Council. Click on Staking Platform.

4. That will now bring you to our staking application! Firstly, our staking platform operates across a few different networks, so to stake USDC head over to your wallet and switch to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network.

5. Now that you have switched to the correct network you navigate your way to the left column and click on the Worlds tab.

6. Congrats! You’ve made it to the correct section, only a few more steps left. Our next step is to press Unlock Wallet on the USDC pool, this will bring up your web3 wallet where it will prompt you to enter your password.

7. Once you’ve entered your password, click on approve contract, this will bring up another Metamask notification which will ask for your position to access your USDC, scroll down and click Confirm. It will take a few seconds for the transaction to fully confirm but after you will receive another notification to say that it has completed!

8. All that is left now is to type in the amount you would like to stake, press the Stake USDC button and confirm the transaction in Metamask.

9. DONE! Congratulations, you are now earning passive income with your stablecoins.


· The APR seen today is subject to change, it is influenced by the total amount staked on our pool therefore the rate is variable.

· You must have the BSC network added to your Metamask wallet configurations before starting the process.

· The aforementioned assets must be in your wallet already before starting the process.



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