The Plebein Council Minting Bible!

What is The Plebeian Council?

The Plebeian Council is the principal assembly of the common people of vEmpire’s Metaverse adaption of ancient Rome.

They will act as their holder’s identities and provide unique benefits for their holders within vEmpire’s Roman ecosystem!

Great, when can I mint?

Round One is open on Thursday 24th March at 13:00 PM UTC, and they will be available to xVEMP holders, and Founding Soldier NFT owners for 0.5BNB each! Round One is open for 24 hours and there is a maximum of 5 per wallet, with a total supply of 1000 for that Round.

Round Two is open on the 7th of April at 13:00 PM UTC, for those that fulfilled the requirements to get on the Whitelist. These will also be available to those that were Whitelisted for Round One. During Round Two, which again lasts 24 hours, each Pleb will be available for 0.75BNB each, but no limit on how many you can mint!

Round Three, the final Round, is the official Public Mint, and is open on the 14th April, at 13:00 PM UTC. Round Three is open to anybody, with each Pleb costing 1BNB! Again, no limits on how many you can mint!

So how do I mint?

You can secure your Pleb at

You must be connected to the Binance Smart Chain network in your wallet. Click on the “Connect Wallet” button to get connected to the site.

Click this button in the top right to connect to the site

Once connected, and if you are eligible for the current round, you can select the number of Plebs to mint with the + and — button, and then click “Mint”.

Use the side buttons to select the total you want to mint

Once you click “Mint”, it will initiate a transaction in your connected wallet. Once you have approved the transaction, it will go through, and you’ve successfully minted, you can relax!

Bear in mind, although you’ve minted, you need to then Redeem the NFT with another transaction to be able to see it in your wallet. Don’t worry, you won’t lost your Pleb if you don’t do both transactions right away, your Pleb will stay allocated to you, it just needs the Redeem transaction to move into your wallet.

Click redeem and complete the transaction to get the Pleb into your wallet

We will make further announcements as to where you can see your Pleb(s) on the secondary marketplace. The Plebs will remain unrevealed until we choose to make the big reveal, so you won’t know straight away how rare your Pleb is.

That’s it! If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to find us in the Discord, we have a dedicated Plebeian Council channel for chatting about Plebs!

vEmpire Discord:

Mint website:




The front line in the fight against centralisation

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The front line in the fight against centralisation

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