The Plebeian Council NFT General Sale Info ℹ️ 🚀

What is The Plebeian Council?

The Plebeian Council is our second ever NFT series and it ​makes up the principal assembly of the common people in our Metaverse adaptation of ancient Rome. These NFTs will act as their holder’s identities and provide unique benefits for their holders within vEmpire’s Roman ecosystem! The series will consist of up to 4,500 unique, generative Roman-themed NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain, with a total of over 3.7 million unique trait possibilities.

When the new NFTs are staked, the holders will earn a share of twenty-five percent of the total game fees from “vEmpire: The Beginning”, our debut P2E game. This will enable native passive income opportunities directly from holding and staking a NFT.

Why should you invest in The Plebeian Council?

When staked, the NFTs will earn passive income that’s paid in $VEMP. This will contribute to building exposure to the entire Metaverse as $VEMP can be used for many use cases within our ecosystem. On top of this, the passive income rewards can also be compounded by staking back into the DDAO enabling investors to earn enhanced rewards from just one singular initial investment.

The main value proposition to owning a Pleb is that it will enable investors to generate compounding passive income and contribute to building exposure to the best Metaverse investment opportunities, most of which are out of reach for the average investor.

What makes this so great is that investors do not need to risk their own capital for their future Metaverse investments. They can buy a Pleb, retrieve their initial investment and have a free Metaverse money making machine working for them why they sleep.

This introduces groundbreaking new ways for our users to invest in the Metaverse!

Previous Plebeian Council Minting Rounds

Our mint process for The Plebeian Council took place over three rounds, with the first two complete already. The first round was open exclusively to xVEMP holders, the second round was open to whitelist members and the third round, which will open tomorrow at 13:00 PM UTC, will be open to the public with no entry requirements.

Anybody can mint a Pleb here tomorrow 👉

Final Thoughts

Our Pleb NFTs introduce entirely new ways for smaller investors to begin building their exposure to one of the most promising technological revolutions that we’ve experienced. Previously, the barrier to entry for investment in the Metaverse was much higher. However now, investors can make one investment, generate passive income, recoup their initial capital and have a stream of rewards that can be used to keep building exposure to the Metaverse that can also be compounded.

For retail investors, we can’t think of a singular investment that’ll be more valuable…

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We hope we see you tomorrow at 13:00 PM UTC picking up the one investment that can change your life.

Mint your Pleb here.

The vEmpire Team ❤️



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