Join the vEmpire DDAO Ambassador Program!

The community is an integral part of vEmpire DDAO’s development as we scale and grow our operations, and our Ambassadors play an important role that help us solidify our decentralized decision making and engage new recruits with everything vEmpire DDAO has to offer.

Who are the ambassadors?

Ambassadors are field-proven soldiers who have skin in the game and are passionate about the future of the DDAO. They are key to the growth of our online and offline communities, guides that help arm the new members and stand their ground when FUD comes in.

What can you do as an ambassador?

  • Engage & Lead

Participate in discussions, help newcomers understand the mission, vision and how they can benefit from the products and builds of vEmpire.

  • Build & Grow

Have a special skillset that you think will be of use to expand the community? Chat with us on a weekly basis and participate in steering the vEmpire Galley to the stars.

  • Gain Ambassador Perks

As an Ambassador, the more passionate you are, the more recognition you and power you get: exclusive vEmpire swag, facetime with the team, early access to features and gifts!

What are you waiting for?

Open a ticket in the Discord and tell us why you should be worthy of being crowned ambassador!


The vEmpire Team ❤️



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