How we’re helping Metaverse protocols like STARL achieve their true potential

Why we’re invested in helping Metaverse protocols achieve their potential.

Human interaction has unequivocally become more virtual. Now, most businesses and individuals have moved their operations and relationships online. As Web 3.0 infrastructure continues to experience greater adoption, new opportunities for interaction, transaction and socialisation appear. And one of the core technologies facilitating this shift to virtual living is the Metaverse.

The Metaverse is a collection of virtual worlds that exist as digital extensions of the physical world. Essentially, the Metaverse can be viewed as the bridge between physical and virtual reality. It’s significant because in a world with increasing digital interaction, the Metaverse enables us to interact in more immersive and interactive ways than ever before, which is why ensuring that it can achieve its full potential is paramount.

The Metaverse is something that vEmpire deeply believes will change the landscape of how individuals interact with each other and with the world in the future. This is why our primary focus is on ensuring the Metaverse fulfils its potential to provide a better reality for interaction. However, recently, we’ve witnessed an increasing amount of centralised entries attempting to buy significant control of Metaverse protocols in an attempt to profit at the expense of user experience.

So far, we’ve already witnessed centralised entities take significant control of some of the biggest and most popular Metaverse protocols, including Decentraland, where they’re essentially turning supposedly decentralised and “community owned” projects into corporate cash cows. This is detrimental to the health of the Metaverse, because a world that lacks innovation, prices out its users and is littered with corporate advertising, is a world that no one will want to live in at all.

But what has this got to do with STARL?

The STARL Metaverse protocol is a 100% community owned virtual space project where users can interact, explore and trade virtual assets. What makes STARL unique is that it represents a virtual world niche that has not yet been explored. It offers an entirely original dynamic where possibilities are only limited by one’s imagination. In the STARL Metaverse, users can trade & develop virtual real estate, purchase & monetize digital assets, interact & explore with their peers and socialise by playing games, gambling or listening to educational sessions.

Although STARL is still a relatively undiscovered Metaverse protocol, compared to giants like Decentraland and The Sandbox, it is one of the Metaverses with the most promise. We want to ensure that STARL can remain 100% community owned and we intend on achieving this by lowering the barrier to entry for owning STARL assets.

Our Motivations & Intentions

Our goal for investing in the STARL metaverse is to provide the community with the opportunity to fractionally own STARL Metaverse assets that they would otherwise not be able to access. We do this by pooling together a community treasure chest of $STARL (the governance token for the STARL ecosystem) to fund the purchase of STARL assets. Once we monetize these STARL assets that were purchased with the community’s funds, we can begin to distribute the profits between the users, enabling those who would have previously been excluded from the STARL ecosystem to have access and exposure to it.

This enables users that cannot afford to own STARL Metaverse assets outright, due to financial constraints of high prices and exorbitant gas fees, to access a promising Metaverse ecosystem. This ensures that the community has a fair and transparent way to collectively access the STARL Metaverse.

Final Thoughts

Because we can afford to pay higher prices and gas fees, we can pick up STARL assets much easier than individual users can. Essentially, we are offering the community a way to own fractionalized STARL assets. This way, the community can gain exposure to assets that would otherwise be out of their reach. This makes ownership of STARL assets more fair, transparent and efficient.

Staking STARL on the vEmpire staking platform allows users to earn returns on their STARL holdings passively, without having to undertake any additional tasks, as well as earning both VEMP and STARL as a dual reward. On top of the financial incentives of staking, users are also supporting the vEmpire mission to stand up against centralisation in decentralised projects, so that we can keep dApps, DAOs and other decentralised technology in the power of the communities and free from the control of centralised entities.




The front line in the fight against centralisation

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The front line in the fight against centralisation

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