Everything you need to know about vEmpire’s brand new ApeCoin staking pool!

Yesterday we announced that we’ll be creating a brand new staking pool for the recently launched ApeCoin. In this post, we’re going to break down exactly what ApeCoin is, how investors can earn dual yield interest on it and what the benefits of staking with vEmpire are.

The ApeCoin is a brand new ERC-20 governance and utility token used within the wider Ape ecosystem, which has itself experienced tremendous growth throughout the past year. Currently, the only native use case for the ApeCoin is for governance, enabling the token holders to have a say in the ApeCoin DAO and to vote on how the ApeCoin DAO Ecosystem Fund should be used. In the future, the ApeCoin will be used as the token for most operations within the larger Ape ecosystem, including the native token for any official Ape play-to-earn games, Metaverses and merchandise.

ApeCoin holders can earn interest on their holdings by staking on the official vEmpire application. This will enable them to make their holdings productive, something which is not yet natively possible with the ApeCoin. What’s significant about staking with vEmpire is that investors can earn dual yield interest, being paid in both $APE and $VEMP, which will contribute to increasing their exposure to the Metaverse and its most promising investment opportunities.

The ApeCoin staking pool will not have any minimum time lock-up requirements, however secondary yields (yields paid in $APE) will not be active upon launch. Investors can instead earn interest on their $APE holdings paid in $VEMP until secondary yields become active. We do not have a concrete date on when this will happen, but it will coincide with the expansion of the APE ecosystem.

When an investor stakes $APE, vEmpire will utilize the investors stake by purchasing other Ape-based assets and playing games within the Ape ecosystem, with assistance from vEmpire’s Gaming Guild.

As previously mentioned, stakers will earn dual interest being paid in both $VEMP and $APE. Investors will be able to compound their $VEMP yield by re-staking their $VEMP earned into the DDAO. Not only does this contribute to compounding the initial interest earned, but also enables investors to build their exposure to vEmpires Metaverse investments enabling them to have fractional ownership of some of the Metaverse’s most promising and lucrative investment opportunities, which are typically out of reach for the average investor.

On top of this, investors that stake their $APE holdings before the 6th of April will also qualify for vEmpire’s whitelist round for their “Plebeian Council” NFT drop.

These NFTs enable investors to earn passive income, via our new NFT staking mechanics, that can one again be compounded and staked to build exposure to the Metaverse.

The beauty of these NFTs is that once the holder recoups their initial investment, they will own a money making machine that generates compounding interest that they can then use to access investment opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach.

Investors can currently stake their $APE holdings for an APR of 308.25% on our staking application here.

Please note that the APR was correct at time of publication.

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