Dubai flexes on everyone yet again.

NFTs for auto parts.

Even the UK army isn’t safe from scammers.

GM. vEmpions — We are here to lead the way and show you the beauty of the Metaverse (that is until we have to start paying taxes in there).

😮 Dubai flexes on everyone yet again

🏎️ NFTs for auto parts

👮 Even the UK army isn’t safe from scammers

Dubai is planning to take its government into the metaverse

According to sources, the Dubai government is prepared to make a portion of its offices open in the metaverse.

According to Sharad Agarwal, chief metaverse officer of Cybergear, the country is actively seeking third parties to assist it in arranging the shift of certain of its departments to the virtual world.

At a local metaverse-themed event, Sharad Agarwal, chief metaverse officer of Cybergear, a Dubai-based metaverse startup, discussed this procedure.

He stated: “We’ve been getting a lot of requests from government agencies and ministries to make them Metaverse-enabled.

It is only a matter of time until Dubai becomes the world’s crypto and Metaverse hub.”

A GT racing team backed by Lamborghini will use NFTs to authenticate car parts.

According to former racing champion Vincenzo Sospiri, this will enable them to monitor and ensure the quality of their car parts.

Vincenzo Sospiri Racing (VSR), a Lamborghini-backed GT racing team, has announced a cooperation with nonfungible token (NFT) platform Go2NFT to establish a program that verifies racing car parts.

Former racing champion Vincenzo Sospiri from the VSR indicated in a statement given to Cointelegraph that their team will construct NFT certification for their race vehicles utilizing Go2NFT and blockchain platform Skey Network.

They will be able to monitor and ensure the quality of the car parts as a result of this. He went on to say: “This also brings great responsibility to ensure that we can securely authenticate and audit every part of our racing fleet to monitor performance and ensure provenance.”

The British Army’s social media accounts have been hacked in attempts to promote Bitcoin giveaways and cryptocurrency scams.

The British Army’s official YouTube and Twitter accounts were stolen on Sunday, and hackers used them to promote cryptocurrency, including bitcoin and ether giveaway scams featuring Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Before Twitter removed a series of posts pushing non-fungible token (NFT) frauds, the army’s verified Twitter handle with roughly 363K followers retweeted them.

The account name, profile photo, and banner image were modified to look like NFT collections during the incident.

Meanwhile, the army’s YouTube account, which has 177K subscribers, has been renamed “Ark Invest,” and four live videos promoting bitcoin and ether giveaway scams have been uploaded.

The scammers claimed that for every bitcoin or ether sent to them, they would return twice the amount.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, and Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood all appeared in the videos.

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